Datafolio: innovation
for your protection

Thanks to the application's embedded intelligence,
Datafolio automatically activates your coverage when you need it, wherever you are.

Person driving a car in the mountains
Datafolio application on smartphone
Datafolio Insurance
14 rue des moines, 75017 Paris

It's simple!
2 minutes and I'm covered.

After downloading the application and creating your profile, you can, in less than 2 minutes, subscribe to your insurance contract directly in the application.
Once the authorizations for the proper functioning of the application have been given, you can leave: you are insured!

33 Rue de Presbourg, 75116 Paris

It's automatic!
I start up and my insurance kicks in.

We use the information collected by the various sensors on your mobile phone (position, acceleration, speed, etc.) to determine in real-time (depending on your behavior, the time of day, the weather, etc.) when you are moving, the mode of transport you are using and the risk you are taking.

Datafolio notification on smartphone
Datafolio application on smartphone
Route taken represented on the application
9 rue saint georges, 75009 Paris

It's transparent! I have arrived and I have a detailed report.

At the end of your trip, you can access a detailed report of your journey showing the price you paid and the risk you were exposed to.
This information allows you to qualify your driving habits and reduce your risk exposure for future trips while making actual savings.

2 weeks later
33 Rue de Presbourg, 75116 Paris

It's so convenient!
Whenever I want, I can access the history of all my trips.

All your trips are recorded in the application. If you need information about a previous trip (risk, cost, etc.), if you need to report a claim after the fact, everything is accessible, right in your pocket.

Datafolio application on smartphone
My journeys on datafolio
Datafolio application on smartphone
Claims declaration on datafolio
Rainy day
35 rue de Rome, 75008 Paris

I have a problem on my journey. The app will help you!

Due to traffic or another reason, you have unfortunately had an accident. We will help you report and manage your claim directly in the application.

Simple, automatic, transparent, convenient
only in a few clicks

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